On The Right Track Program
Launched in 2006, this program aims at mobilizing governments, companies, and civil society organizations to fight child and adolescent sexual exploitation on Brazilian roadways. Over 1,400 companies signed the corporate pact affirming their commitment to the cause. Click here for more information.

Major Infrastructure Projects Program
Its goal is to mobilize governments, companies, and civil social organizations to fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in infrastructure works carried out in Brazil. Childhood Brasil highlights the importance of sharing knowledge and extending the debate around the infrastructure works in Brazil. Besides major environmental issues, it is crucial to consider the social extent to ensure the children and adolescents’ protection.

Tourism Program
Promotes inter-sectorial actions to prevent and fight sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism mobilizing the touristic sector and consolidating public policies.

Network For Protection Program
Strengthens the system to safeguard children rights qualifying professionals to integrally and effectively protect and assist children and adolescents victims of sexual violence and their families.

Special project
Major Events and Child Rights. Click here for more information.