MSE and Children Rights

What childhood has to do with major sports events

We will specifically address the issue of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, a complex and hard-to-face topic that still afflicts a great number of people in Brazil. With the massive flow of local and foreign tourists towards the host cities, the risks increase.

The risks to face

Since the invention of the television, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be the most watched sports event in the planet. It is expected that over 2.2 billion people will watch it. The organization of this megastructure will involve billions of US Dollars in different fronts: building, travels, preparatory meetings, communication structure, safety and security, lodging facilities, the setting of the host cities, teams’ training.

The event will attract 3.7 million Brazilian and foreign tourists to the host cities. It will generate revenue and business opportunities, but it will also increase the risk of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Many tourists will gather in the cities where the games will take place. It is known that exploiters take advantage of this kind of scenario trying to make money offering sex with children and adolescents. Unfortunately there are people willing to commit this kind of crime, so, it is important to avoid children and adolescents to be exposed and attracted to commercial sexual exploitation networks. It is absolutely necessary to take action and fight the problem.

The world will be watching Brazil.

Many organizations are committed to ensure a FIFA World Cup free from any kind of rights violation against children and adolescent. In 2012, Childhood Brasil started the ‘Major Sport Events and Childhood project aiming at the event that will take place in the first fortnight of June 2014. Our main objective is to contribute to a positive legacy for Brazilian children and adolescents during and after this megaevent. No sexual exploitation of a child or an adolescent may be interpreted as consented or desired. Childhood Brasil believes that information is the key to ensure childhood’s full protection.

  • Please write down this number: 100. This is the number of Disque-Denúncia (hotline). Dial and report if you see any violation of rights. It is not necessary to identify yourself.
  • Download to your cell phone the application Proteja Brasil, developed by UNICEF to assist reports on children and adolescents’ rights violation. Click here to learn and download the application.