Childhood Brasil Special Project

Childhood Brasil’s project

Learn about the “Major Sports Events and Childhood” project carried out by Childhood Brasil since 2012.

This project counts with OAK Foundation and EY as partners.

To influence actions for childhood protection in the host cities

National Seminar “Childhood Protection and the 2014 FIFA World Cup” held in Brasília with the involvement of 40 organizations and 70 professionals.
Launching of the International Research “Child Exploitation and the FIFA World Cup: A review of risks and protective interventions.” Click here to access the research and click here to access the summary.
The National Governance Map on initiatives to Fight Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in the context of the World Cup in 2014.
Active part in the Convergence Agenda, supporting workshops and partners to develop and promote strategic actions.

To raise awareness over the cause

Support to nine communication and mobilization youth led projects in nine of the twelve host cities.
A workshop to empower 20 young leaders of the nine projects.
Support for two National Campaigns: National Alliance for the Adolescent and Ministry for Human Rights in the Confederations Cup.
The co-organization of the 7th Tim Lopes Contest of Investigative Journalism, focusing on the FIFA World Cup.
Contribution to the training of the World-Cup Volunteers of the Ministry of Sports with information on our cause and risks to children.
Launching an area in our institutional website, to gather and disseminate information on risks and initiatives connected to violence against children and adolescents during the FIFA World Cup.

To engage the private sector in the cause

Partnership with Ernst&Young to set up a e-learning awareness raising platform.
The involvement of 1,465 companies that are our partners in the On the Right Track Program. Awareness was raised in thousands of truck drivers for them to act as protection agents of children and adolescents’ rights.
The involvement of Atlantica Hotels, the major private-capital hotel administrator in South America. Over 3.800 employees of the 80 Atlantica hotels, located in over 40 Brazilian cities, went through qualification.

To generate and impart knowledge

Collection and organization of data on sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and the FIFA World Cup.
Evaluation of the communication and mobilization experiences of the Youth Projects.