On May 13, Childhood Brasil launched the #BrasilNaDefesaDaInfancia campaign. The initiative aims to protect children and adolescents from sexual exploration and abuse. The main focus is the World Cup, which begins on June 12.

Two important Brazilian National Team players were invited to give a voice to the campaign: Neymar Jr. and Daniel Alves. They engaged in the cause and recorded a video calling the population and tourists who come to Brazil to protect childhood during the World Cup.

In order to guarantee the message’s reach, private enterprise partners signed on to Childhood Brasil: Atlantica Hotels, EY (former Ernst & Young), GRU Airport, CCR Group and TAM Linhas Aéreas. The Secretary of Human Rights of the President of the Republic is also an important partner of this initiative.

The campaign informs that we all have to take care of Brazil’s children and adolescents and that sexual violence is a crime in the country and invites everyone to report any type of violence to children’s rights using the National Hotline, number 100.

How to Participate

The campaign will be broadcast in May, June and July.

See the video of the campaign below:


Click to spread the campaign ads in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Just as important as sharing the campaign is knowing how to act. One of the ways is to call the Hotline (# 100) and report situations of violence or risk of violence against children and adolescents. The case will be forwarded to local authorities from where the information originated.

#BrazilDefendingChildhood is an initiative by Childhood Brasil and one of the Major Events and Childhood Project pillars. This project mainly seeks to:

To generate and disseminate knowledge about sexual violence against children in the context of major events.

To actively participate in cross-sector spaces

To build awareness of the cause and communicate

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