Available data

In 2013, the national Disque-Denúncia (hotline) of the Ministry for Human Rights recorded over 120,000 reports on children and adolescents’ rights violations. This number does not necessarily represent the size of the problem, but it gives an idea of how it strongly pervades the society. There are many variables to consider. However, the available numbers give us a general panorama of the situation.

Brazil still lacks of data on sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Many studies on sexual exploitation of children and adolescents show the main factors connected to the problem. Among the most important of them, we find race, gender, and ethnic-origin issues, poverty, exclusion, and social inequality. Among the recorded cases, one or more of those factors are almost always present. The existing vulnerability factors directly affect the problem, increasing the rights violation cases.

Data from the National Disque-Denúncia (hotline )

You call Disque-Denúncia dialing 100. The call is toll-free and can be made from any telephone. It is a service offered by the Ministry for Human Rights to receive calls regarding Human Rights violations, not only sexual exploitation, but any kind of violation involving people or groups of people.

In 2013, 124,079 reports on violence against children were registered. The number of reports does not match the actual number of verified cases, but it gives an idea of the scale of the problem.

Among the 13 types of violations registered by the Disque-Denúncia, sexual violence ranked fourth.



Psychological violence


Physical violence


Sexual Violence


When sexual violence occurs, usually other rights were violated too. Namely, the child or adolescent had already suffered of neglect and possibly had been through physical and psychological violence.

About the victims

48% of the victims are female.
60% are African descendants.
The most frequent age bracket is from 8 to 14 years.

About suspects and places

65% of the suspects are part of the family group.

Only 10% of the victims don’t know the suspect.

80% of the cases take place at either the victim’s domicile, or the suspect’s or third parties’.

8% of the cases take place on the streets.

4% of the cases are registered at school.

Evolution of the reports

Year Total number of reports % of reports on sexual violence
2011 82.117 43,42%
2012 130.029 29%
2013 124.079 26%

Among the 12 states that will host the games, five of them are leader in the Disque-Denúncia’s report ranking:

Number of reports per State

São Paulo


Rio de Janeiro




Minas Gerais


Rio Grande do Sul


Data from the Ministry of Health

An all-new survey was carried out in 2011, by the Ministry of Health. Data gathered in health-care units revealed 14,625 records of domestic, sexual, physical violence and other abuses against children less than 10 years old.

Sexual violence against children aged up to 9 years represents 35% of the notifications.

Data from the Federal Highway Patrol

While mapping out the points vulnerable to sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Federal Highways – a survey carried out by the Brazilian Federal Highway Patrol, in 2011-2012 – 1,776 points were identified throughout Brazil. 38.9% of them are considered critical.

Data from SaferNet

In 2013, SaferNet Brasil received 244,147 anonymous reports on different crimes in the internet. Child pornography was the most reported crime, representing 33% of the reports.

When comparing to 2012, there was an increase of 8.16% in reports on child pornography.